Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

In a nation where Oil plays a pivotal role, NORTH MENA’S Oil & Gas division plays a three-fold function as a general trading company, supplier and contractor. This comprises providing advisory and consultation services drawing from the division’s rich reservoir of experience in the field; hand-holding companies from the business development stage until the award of contracts and the final completion.

The three-fold offering comes with huge accountability, meticulous choosing of international companies to represent in the region. Top on the company’s agenda is to offer cost-effective, hi-tech products and services to clients in the business of oil and gas, drilling, petrochemical sector and allied industries.

  • Oil and Gas Field Facilities Building and Contracting
  • Onshore, Offshore, Gas Fields and Facilities Services
  • Central Gas Installation Works
  • Natural Gas and Oil Well Equipment Installation and Maintenance
  • Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines Construction and Contracting
  • Pipe Networks and Specialized Connections Installations

  • EPC of Pipeline Construction
  • Piping Fabrication
  • In-service welding
  • Hot Tapping, Fitting, Welding
  • Spools Fabrication
  • Mechanical Erection
  • Steel Construction
  • Emergency Works
  • Emergency Maintenance

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