A diverse bouquet of services has made NORTH MENA’s Marine division a perfect fit for all requirements to do with the sea. The ensemble of global services from a division that has been providing oil and dry bulk transportation services, chartering, broking, commercial, technical and efficient crew management.

The long arm of the Marine division stretches to a broader framework of owning ships, management of fleets, associated services to do with ocean transportation and addressing any customized requirements of our esteemed clientele.

Besides above, our fully fitted and immaculately maintained yachts offer a luxurious experience onboard, ensuring compliance with international safety regulations. NORTH MENA is a pioneer in the yacht chartering industry, offering onboard experiences seeped in complete comfort and lavish luxury.

The captains of such luxury liners are endowed with extensive knowledge of the cruising waters; the professionally trained specialist crew is known for their friendly attitude towards guest needs. And together they function as commendable hosts ensuring guests make happy memories during their cruise. Comfort coupled with safety is indeed an invaluable combination that promises a memorable onboard experience.

The ultimate destination towards which it is making huge strides is to expand operations from ship brokerage to ship owning, ship management and to encompass all allied industry services to do with ocean transportation.

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